When we received the referral for H&Y, we knew that Y had tested positive for Hepatitis C. That's the chronic one that causes liver damage. The Dr. in the States that we consulted said he considered this a "high-risk" adoption. We prayed about it and decided to go for it anyway, and face the consequences of a possibly chronically ill child. (You can treat the symptoms of Hep C, but the virus itself never goes away.)

We hadn't told too many people this... mainly family and a few friends whose children ours played with... to reassure that it's not something you can just "catch." It's blood-borne, so if you're not sharing needles or bleeding open wound to open wound, it's pretty hard to get.

All the tests from the University of Illinois show that Yordanos DOES NOT HAVE HEP C!!!! She shows NO antibodies to it (that's one of the main tests), and the virus count is ZERO. The Nurse Practitioner was surprised and pleased... and we were thrilled. And yet, I wasn't surprised. All along I felt very calm about the whole thing and that God would take care of us either way. In my gut, I felt that she did not have it.

We'll have her tested again in 6 months just to be sure, but we're calling this a miracle, and we're pleased to share our great news with you!

Both kids tested well in everything (blood-wise, that is). We'll get the stool sample results later. I knew you'd want to know that the poop was safely delivered. And the kids learned a great new fun-to-say word. Poop!

This trip in to the hospital went much better. They both hugged Linda and Judy, our awesome care-givers. And a big shout out to Lolita, the kindest TB test giver EVER. H got a little squirrely and cried like a little girl for the TB test, which he couldn't even feel because of the awesome cream they put on the skin before hand. Y WATCHED the needle go in with her arm held out, and then made fun of H for crying.

Just got the statement from the hospital... let's just say that our insurance had better cover all this. Yikes. From our 1st visit alone... $2,500... each. But then I was thinking about it... they're 9 and 6, so that's 15 years of Dr. visits we haven't had. I still want insurance to pay, though. They're on our policy as of their official adoption day: May 23.


Anonymous said...

That is FANTASTIC news!!! Things are falling into place and will work out as God intends. Just like when I adopted Brad I felt like I was here to be his mom, that was who I was to mother. God puts us together for a reason and obviously He thinks you guys are the best parents for Y & H!


Susan said...

Praise God! What wonderful news!


Molly said...

YEAH!!!! Praise God!! What a blessing and miracle!!

The McEvil One said...

Great news!!! Now just make sure that she is cootie free as well. ;)

Y is more brave that I am, I HATE NEEDLES!!!!!

Bethany Taylor said...

How great is our God!!! What fantastic news. And what a testimony of your faith towards God in proceeding with this adoption. We are rejoicing with you all! And will continue to pray for you and that insurance covers ALL of those bills! =)

Jenn Hahn said...


Anonymous said...

Okay, I believe I have taken the obligatory 3 days off after my insanely long comment last week.
So, YEA GOD!!!! That is absolutely wonderful news. Ah, the whole doctor thing... My daughter, Jackie, cried like a girl when getting shots until she was like 13. Oh wait, she is a girl. But still, that got old REALLY fast, especially after the age of 6 or so! And we spoke the same language so I could explain things to her. It didn't help that her older sister loved shots because then she got a cool bandaid. Gotta love cool bandaids!

Sue Laude

K Frazer said...

How awesome is our God! Great news about Y. Tell H not to worry, Z (yes, I still use Z & J for my kids) still gets freaked out by needles. I think Y is destined for a career in health care. Fraz

Jori said...

YAY! YAY! YAY! Praise the Lord! I have been out of town for a few days and was so happy to check back in and see you still keeping in touch daily! Learning alot that we just never think of and take for granted here. You guys rock!

Anonymous said...

That's wonderful news! I love seeing how things are falling into place. You two are definitely the ones ment for those two kids.


Nicola said...

Praise God, that's awesome that Yordanos is Hep free! Oh, and do be sure to keep us updated on the poop status. ;D

Ugh, Dr. bills are nooooo fun. Glad to hear from the earlier post that their teeth are doing pretty well too (since A's recent trip cost over $4k for one child's mouth, ugh).

Lots of love!
Nicola :)

anna said...

if ins. says they dont cover... dont stop there, talk to HR ins person, it use to be Julisa and ask her about it. i had to have a written note from the dr saying that "i needed this rx for my medical condition" then the ins accepted it. so annoying.. but worth it to ask..

anna :)