Home Alone

And loving it.

My awesome husband just took the kids to the park for the afternoon. Praise God from whom all blessings flow. All I could think as they were preparing to leave was "Go, go, go, so I can eat a popsicle (or 4), and hide the evidence deep in the trash." Done and done.

I wanted to tell you about some of the fun/funny things that go on in our family. It's not all screaming, cop cars and time outs. Although those stories DO make good copy. :)

-- I know any of you with children know that if you lay down a rule, the children will be on the lookout for you to break it. One night at dinner, Habtamu was trying to "correct" my behavior, by pointing his finger at me and repeating the rule to me. This would have been more effective had his OTHER finger not been up his nose at the time.

-- "Toots" are almost always funny to 10 and 7 year olds. It's sometimes funny to me, but it's HILARIOUS to them every time.

-- When the children are out with just one parent, there are always stories to tell the other parent when we get back. The kids will excitedly mimic an action, and/or give key words about the story, and then point at the 1st parent and say "Shaybela, shaybela, shay!" and point at the 2nd parent. It's great to build stories together as a family.

-- Every day gets better and better family wise. Now when the children don't whine or cry, they let us know that they didn't by making the faces and noises and saying "No." Then they show what they actually did that was right and say "Yes." We give lots of praise at that point. They really do try to do as we ask. In that, we are very fortunate. Whatever rearing they had before we became their parents, was very good.


Jori said...

Lucky Lucky you!!! 4 posicles at once and no evidence ~ You are on a roll!!! I love the cop story (funny on my end ~ but really scary to think about cause it would be me that would happen to here:)) I had to tell my husband; also about the shaybela, shaybela, shay. Great things happening at your house!! I can't wait for it to be our turn ~ well, maybe. I better just go get some popciles now!!

Anna Wandtke said...

Anna here. After seeing your beautiful kids at VBS this week, I had to catch up on all we missed while we were out of town. I am so amazed at the transition you have made as a family. You have come so far in so short of a time. I kept laughing because so many of your posts sound just like posts I could have made or anyone else I know who has children. I especially liked your thoughts on building stories together as a family. I do the same "storing up" of incidents to relate to Terry. Good and bad. Blessings, @