One Month Anniversary

One month ago, yesterday, was the day we took Yordanos and Habtamu into our family, although they'd been in our hearts for quite awhile before that. It was a Tuesday. We'd met them the day before. That seems wild, doesn't it? So little time we've had together as a family, and yet, I'm amazed (and dazed and confused and befuddled) at God's grace toward us, allowing us to bond as we have.

They learn so much every day. And WE learn so much every day. Every day we muddle through...

Tonight I pulled out a meal from the freezer. It was a chicken noodle casserole. I had the children eat one scoop before they could have macaroni and sauce. You would have thought it was atomic waste, the way they took their time about eating it. I had made the deal VERY clear... "No finish this, no macaroni." They kept trying to barter down. Nope. Yordi had separated the vegetables from the noodles and said "Yordanos no green." I countered with "Yordanos green, yellow, AND orange. No brown. (mushrooms)" Mommy had not eaten the "brown" either, so I couldn't very well say she had to. I have never liked mushrooms... texture or taste. I've tried them as an adult, and I just can't do it.

I remember sitting for hours (probably wasn't, but seemed that way) in front of a plate of (now cold) steamed spinach. Mom even let me put sugar on it. But all the sugar in the world could not help me choke down that spinach quickly.

We had friends over for playtime today. It went really well. Habtamu and Kai kind of played together, and the girls all kind of played near each other. No one got a time out. Our friends stayed for lunch, and I made macaroni for 8 instead of 4. No problem!

I do not know how people with more than 2 children can do... anything. I can barely keep track of the 2 I have... thankfully they're usually together. If anyone out there has more than 2, how DO you do it?

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