In Soviet Russia, Police are busted by YOU!

I figured that since we were planning on going to Magic Waters with our church on Monday, it would be a really good idea to take the kids out to "Big Wanna" (That's Amhar-glish for "large pool") beforehand for some recon. They tend to do better if they have some clue what they're getting into, so Sunday afternoon we drove out for a look. I knew we wouldn't be able to see much of anything from the gate, but at least they'd know how far it was, and get a vague lay of the land. So we park and trot up to the gate where we get a lovely view of the lazy river. Both kids were duly unimpressed. From where we were standing, you could barely see the wave pool, and really all you could see was a lot of bodies in something blue. I figured the wave pool would be a better selling point so we walked along the fence for a bit hoping for a better view. There really wasn't much to be seen so we stopped at a spot where we could at least see the slides and the large water bucket that dumps every 3 minutes.

We were waiting for the bucket to go one last time when I looked over my shoulder and realized that Rockford's Finest had pulled up behind us. I had my sunglasses on so I don't think he saw my eyes roll as I walked down to his vehicle with a smile. Officer Friendly was actually very nice and asked me if I needed help, so I explained the situation. He was cool with that, but didn't make his exit before the kids figured out what was going on and came running to investigate. Now there are three heads leaning, and two fingers pointing, through his passenger window. H spots the gun and the handcuffs right away and correctly mimes how they both work. The officer smiles.

Then my son says, "Daddy No Seatbelt." Again, I've got my sunglasses on and really couldn't see much inside the car. I look at him and say, "No, I'm sure the police man has his seatbelt on." I look back to see that indeed, his sidearm is blocking the seatbelt clasp. The Officer just shrugged and said, "Eh, write me a ticket,"which actually was better than anything what I would have said. All I could think of was, "When you get a gun, you won't have to wear a seatbelt either."

So there you have it. My son, whose complete understanding of American traffic laws consists of, Red Stop, Green Go, and "Everybody Seatbelt," called out an armed Officer. Fantastic.

Hmmm... Gardner family attracting the attention of the Police, must be Sunday.

PS) The title of this blog is from a stupid internet joke. It's not really that funny even if you get it...


Yarnsmith said...

Ha ha... *I* think it's funny!

christophertadhankins said...

I think it's hysterical... the part about H busting the cop anyway. Somehow i missed the memo about the Magic Waters night being a private party for the church.. i would have insisted we go! But alas, I was painting my fanny off in the dining room and installing blinds. Yeah, just TRY and touch THAT!