Another Lesson Learned

Earlier this week, Habtamu found the last "fancy" napkin... the one with chili peppers and fiesta design. He was bummed because there was only one. He and Yordi were talking about sharing it. They went out on the porch, where we eat our meals, and were fiddling with the napkin.

I was in the kitchen and happened to look down the hall and saw Habtamu walking back in the house screwing the cap on something.

Um... was that a GLUE STICK?

I run out to the front porch, and they had quartered the napkin and glued the pieces to the table as placemats (?), to save for later (?) ?!?!?!

I was pretty calm... all I could say was "Oh no. Oh no no no no no no no no." I got a wet paper towel and had him help me clean it off... it was still wet, so it came off pretty easily.

Then I explained through miming that it would wreck the table. I think they got it, and it IS pretty funny and goes in the "What the heck were you thinking?" category. (AND, it wasn't on my GOOD table inside... might have been a different tone of voice there.)

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