Just Kids

H's 1st American haircut. He didn't really like the clippers, so I'm not sure how his hair was cut in Ethiopia. I assumed clippers. Huh. He did very well... I think the promise of candy weighed heavily on his behavior. :)

Language issues aside, and other issues like the fact that we all just met less than 4 weeks ago, they are just regular kids in so many ways. It's very heartening to realize that. Also, we're just regular parents, who sigh and roll their eyes, and make mistakes, and do the best we can. That also is a good thing.

There's a bunch of fun to be had. Y&H get hysterical about farts. We call them toots, and wouldn't you know that they sure enough know how to spell T-O-O-T. Lee kind of rolls his eyes, but I think toots are pretty funny too. We all blame others for our own. I tried to blame Murray (the cat) the other day and Y&H thought that was great.

Here's a video that has nothing to do with T-O-O-T-S, but shows our regular kids. Um, kind of... I'm not sure what H was up to, but he's 9 and it seems very age appropriate somehow. He can pull faces that make me crack up, and then he cracks up... it's all good.



Anonymous said...

absolutely ADORABLE!!

Becky N said...

Lee, is the Y I hear or Chris? If it is Y, I can see some duets in the future.


Cheryl Lucas said...

Chris and Lee
I have been trying to read your blog at least once a week (if not more) to keep up with you guys. You are doing a great job. Is it tough? IT SURE IS, but it is well worth the benefits. I have my grandson that lives with us who is also 9 (You met him @OC) and yes it can be trying at best-they push you to the limit. But in the end you know that what you do and what you can give them is all worth the effort. You are both amazing people doing the best you can, the children will learn that money doesn't buy happiness but love can conquer many things they have 2 great teachers and seems like a very big family surrounding the four of you with love and support. I can't wait to meet them. And if H wants cars - Sam has plenty he would be willing to share. Keep writing and letting all of us know how it is going. You are both strong people - you will get through this!! Although I will miss seeing your smiley helpful face around Central or any where else in the district at least Lee will still be around zenning us crazy. Have a great 4th of July - more fireworks woohoo!!

Jennifer said...

Your band is bigger now! Awesome, you guys. I love seeing you enjoying music together. :)

The McEvil One said...

I think H was signaling a Quarterback sneak around the left tackle...

wait, I think I just wasted a football reference

Uncle Jim said...

This is Great, Lee is teaching them to love ME!!!!

Anonymous said...

Chris--I absolutely love reading your journal. You and your husband have such a REAL way of writing about your experiences. To jump right into parenthood must be such a challenge, and I think you both are handling it admirably! Y and H, as you say, are adorable. They are lucky to be part of your new family. Keep on plugging; so often, that is what parenthood is. And keep on writing--this record will be such a treasure to you later in life. Lynne Buck