Q&A revisited

Q: I have another question. I read that you are home-schooling the kids. Will that continue indefinitely? Did they go to school in Ethiopia?
Just curious.

A: They did have a teacher at the transition center for a couple of hours every day. Before that, H had maybe 2 years of school and Y maybe 1/2 year. We will home-school indefinitely. There are the 2 theories... one is to throw them into school right away and they'll flounder about, but will learn the language quickly. The other way is what we're trying... to ease them into transitions as transitions are very stressful for all of us. I don't think either way is inherently BETTER, but the easing in is better for them and us, we feel. They are learning so much every day, and we're providing learning experiences for them. Well, that's easy, because EVERYTHING right now is a learning experience. :)

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