Quick Bedtime Story

Wherein Yordi totally picks a fight with me for no reason what-so-ever, and it made ME act childish.

Monday was the 2nd visit to the U of Chicago Hospital. Things went mostly really well... so much better than the 1st time.

We got pizza in the hospital cafeteria, just like last time. And, just like last time, I got a big cup of fresh pineapple. Throughout the meal, I kept offering the pineapple to everyone, making it clear that anyone could have a piece. Habtamu and Lee both had a couple of pieces. Yordi turned it down every time.

I got down to the last 2 pieces, and I offered it again to everyone. No takers. As I put the last piece into my mouth Yordi said "No, wait!" Taking it as a joke, I laughed and popped the pineapple in my mouth.

She then went into "Mommy, Daddy, Habtamu pineapple. Yordanos NO pineapple. OK. OK." mode. I still thought she was kidding, but she was not. She gave me "the glare" and "the shoulder"... two of her trademark moves.

This really made me angry, because of the IRRATIONALITY of it. I mean COME ON! What else could I have done to ensure she got a slice of pineapple? I made the mistake of taking it personally and could not even LOOK at her for about 15 minutes. Ugh.

Today I'm on the good list with Yordi... lots of hugs and kisses and just flopping on me for no reason. I like that.

Habtamu's lesson for today: Bathing is NOT optional.

Don't tell anyone, but boys are kinda smelly. I did some laundry the other day and just about passed out sorting his basket. I may have even sworn, but I can't say for sure because I was overcome by the fumes.


133Gardner said...

Yeah, he smelled like he had eaten a half dozen eggs today. Oh wait, that's probably because HE DID!

Jori said...

Gotta love laundry ~ and baths!! :):) What a funny "pineapple" story! My kids all speak english and do this to me sometimes!!

Sue Holmes said...

Hurts your feelings and makes you feel stupid... gotta love a daughter!

But really, don't you think her behavior is kind of a compliment? Because she trusts you so much that it's okay to be mad at each other and then NOT be mad at each other?? Like it's totally natural to have a little 'tiff' then it's gone! Wonderful!

BTW, boys do smell and Cameron used to call pineapple "pinepickle."

Sue ;)

Anonymous said...

I have been saying for years that boys are smelly and they ooze. Have I not been saying for years that Justin is smelly and oozes all over my house???