Scenes from Addis Ababa

Finally getting through the backlog of pictures from last month.

Poor Lee. I found this mesabe right away on our outing to the "post office". (The Post Office is a shopping area.) Our Transition Center liaison got the price knocked down to 450 birr (about $45). I wouldn't have dared buy one, except that I saw another family had bought one. Turns out there's a place at the Addis airport that wraps bulky items up to be checked. We inspired another family to buy one too! Problem was, our private bus was VERY crowded, even without the addition of 2 mesabes.

Can you find the ferenge (foreigner)?

Traffic patterns in Addis Ababa are... well... let's just say that THERE ARE NO RULES. I could never drive there. It's a free-for-all. This is a pretty tame traffic circle... we saw worse...

There were also several torn up roads, and the worst road was in front of this building, ironically. Click on the pic to see the name of the building.


Megan said...

Two things.

1. What is a mesabe?

2. I love irony.

Much Love,

Yarnsmith said...

A Mesabe is the traditional table used to serve injera (flat bread) and wats (stews).

Nicola said...

So, is ferenge pronounced like the Star Trek race or more, uh french-ish? Soft "e"s and the like. ;)

Much love,
Nicola :)

Nicola said...

Lee is just so inconspicuous with the Mesabe, I have no idea why he's wearing that "please don't see me" smile on his face. ;p tee hee

Love ya!
Nicola :D