Holy cow, you guys... I asked and you answered! Wowee! Lots of people I didn't know about came out of the shadows... I'll be checking out your blogs too! What did we ever do without the Ye Olden Internet?

Molly - I love that you have a heart for adoption!

Patty V. - I probably have pics of your daughter if she's at the TC. Email me at candl(at)core(dot)com. (Same for all you AWAA fams with referrals.)

Marlo - There ARE many blessings along with the trials!

Andrea - Jumping in the middle is as scary as it sounds! What were we thinking?! :)

Sue L. - we love your comments... glad you check in!

You can't imagine how supported we feel today. Every time we refresh, there's another comment. Awesome.

Hey! Guess what we did today? That's right, the playground. Ha ha. We had to go to a different one because there was summer school(?) at our usual school playground. Took the long way to the school near our church. I thought it was near, anyway, until 10 minutes into playing we (by we, I mean Y&H, ok, and me) needed a potty break. It seemed just as far to the car as to the church, so we walked, and walked, and walked. And walked. It was good, though, because they got to meet the pastors and see the building inside again. We're aiming to go to church next week. We will probably arrive right at 8:15. (Yeah, right, like THAT'S going to happen when we couldn't get there on time with just the 2 of us.) And we'll probably slip out early to avoid a mob scene. We really want the children to have a good 1st church experience, and not be too overwhelmed.

Another thing we learned from Zac yesterday... there is no middle class in Ethiopia... it's RICH or POOR. And this explains some of our children's frustrations when we do not buy them everything they ask for. They think we are rich... and by most of the world's standards, we are. However, we just had our 1st single paycheck, and yikes... we really don't have extra $$. There's enough, but not much extra. Especially since we just paid the credit card bill from our Ethiopia trip. Also, we broke it to the kids that Lee will be going back to work next week. He's on FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act), so he'll be working 1/2 days for awhile to stretch out the time we have. The children were upset that he'd be going, and possibly MORE upset that they'd only have ME. I'd like to think the reaction would have been the same if I had been the one going back to work. :)


Sue Holmes said...

Dear Chris,
As hard as it will be, I will respectfully stay away from you all at church on Sunday. Even though I want to run up and hug H and Y and tell them how much we already love them and how lucky they are..... I will restrain myself and leave you be!

As far as Daddy going to work... they would feel exactly the same if it were you. They are settling nicely into their wonderful family and there will be a change and that's a little scary (I know for you too!).

People all over the place are just dying to be helpful, so let us know what to do, not only for the children, but for you too!

Love, Sue

Sherry said...

BTW - I posted a comment on your last post, but forgot to mention, we are down in Bloomington, IL. We have talked to the Juvinalls and Kirby's about coming up to the suburbs to an ET restaurant. Melissa Juvinall thought you guys might like to join us. We'll let you guys take the lead of when you are getting settled in to throw some dates out.

Sherry Semlow

Christine said...

Chris & Lee,
I discovered your blog as your left for Ethiopia through a link from the Harbaugh's adoption blog... Apryl, Seth and I were college friends and I have followed their blog(s) since they adopted Ella 3 years ago. I can't get enough of yours now and have become a complete junkie. If you stop I will probably need rehab or therapy. Loving learning parent hood through your eyes! And tell Lee I read his WHOLE blog in two sittings, loved it and LMAO. He writes like I think. Anyway, think of you and the kiddos often throughout my day... Chris M

Becky N said...

Good idea on avoiding being mobbed at church. As good as our intentions are, we all have to think of the kids first. Fortunately I won't have to restrain myself this first time, as I will be on my way to West Virginia Sunday morning. I'll let Curt know to follow Sue's lead.

Change in routine is always a bit scarey. Letting the kids get use to the idea will be very helpful. I hope they surprise you with fine bonding moments while Lee is at the office.


Sarah said...

My husband recently came home from a month-long trip that our two-year old endured with grace. Only once she was home did she start to -- for 3 weeks -- fall apart everytime she saw a soldier (he is a soldier) or learned that he left the house before she woke up (which he's done every working day of her life). But then, she wouldn't let him put her to bed, either, after asking for him all day. Distancing themselves too soon or too late, either is a mess. I'll be praying for you, as these things can be tricky. As if you didn't know that. Seems wise to do the hald days, as you are. :-)

lisa said...

We're reading! Can't wait to see you on Sat. It's going to be very casual, so hopefully the kids (and you both!) will have a good time.

Anonymous said...


My name is Leeann. I found your blog from reading Bethany and Josh Taylor's adoption blog.

My husband and I plan to adopt older children when we decide that it's time for us to start a family. While we plan to adopt within the United States, my parents have adopted two children from Africa (somewhere near Freetown--the actual name of the place escapes me at the moment) about two years ago. LIkewise, when we adopt, we would like to adopt sibling so that they can adjust to a new family together.

It has been extremely interesting to read your experiences so far (I've started from the newest post going back to the older posts). So many oof your stories remind me of what my parents relate to me about their experiences. Like your children, my new young siblings automatically believe my parents are rich, though they are not, and become rather frustrated when they are not given exactly what they want. I think they have gotten more accustomed to the reality of things a little more now.

Anyway, thank you for sharing your stories with so much heart and humor. I hope you don't mind if I continue to lurk a bit.:)