"No English"

Yordi likes to say "English, no. Amharic." when she doesn't understand something. Today, we heard an exchange between the kids that was completely in English. I hope that they will keep their Amharic... they have a good chance since they have each other and they are older.

One of the cute sayings Yordi uses all the time is "oooh... big head." What she means, of course, is "long hair". I didn't want to forget that, because she said it again today, and I realized she may soon say "long hair" and that day will be kind of sad. She really wants long, straight hair. I haven't gotten it across to her that a) it will involve growing her hair out, and b) it will take an incredible amount of work to get her curly, curly, curly hair to be straight.


Molly said...

That's funny that she says that wen she doesn't understand something When our youth pastor's family brough their 6 year old home from Guatemala I couldn't believe how fast she learned the language. For the first 3-4 months she refused to speak English to anybody but her parents. When I would babysit she would pretend not to understand what I was saying. I knew she understood though because her eyes would light up when the words "clicked." I thought it was interesting that they hold onto that bit of innocence as long as they can.
I'm sure in one month most of those funny phrases like "big head" will be gone!! So, yes, cherish them while you can. It'll be fun to tell them about the funny things they said once they get older.


Sherry said...

Our little guy Kaden is almost 3 and there are so many cute things he says "accidentally". For example, he say dina-horse instead of dinasaur. His older sisters have been trying to teach him the right way to say it, but I kind of like how he says it now. So I started making a list of "Kadenisms". Just funny pronunciations or phrases. One day the list will make it to a post on my blog. - Glad to hear things are going well.

Blessings! - Sherry

Nicola said...

I love those little sayings! Sometimes they're so cute it's hard to make myself say it correctly. For a while Alannah put the "sp" sound in place of most "f" sounds. Combine that with use of the plural "foots" in place of feet and you get "spuzzy spoots" which she no longer says, but still totally cracks me up. I try to write them down (somewhere findable) in the hope of scrap booking them some day. :D

Much love!
Nicola :)

Anonymous said...

I have another question. I read that you are home-schooling the kids. Will that continue indefinitely? Did they go to school in Ethiopia?
Just curious.
Still cheering you on,