Ok, Ok

I think I've mentioned it before, but Yordi (and Habti, to a lesser degree) have been using the following frustrating formula:

Y: (pointing at something) Mommy's?
Me: Yes
Y: No Yordanos or Habtamu?
Me: No (or Yes, doesn't matter which way you answer)
Y: OK, OK, no Yordanos Habtamu.

Last evening I was going to go out with coffee with the ladies and then go to the store, while Lee took the kids to the park. So, we told them "Mommy, suk (store). Daddy, Yordanos, Habtamu blue slide (playground)"

Y: Hot!
Me: yes, it is hot.
Y: Mommy, suk, no hot. 3 (Lee, Y, H) hot. (Then she mimed me walking all cool and comfortable and the 3 of them slogging through the heat.)

Well, I started laughing, because, really!

Y: Ok, Ok, Mommy, suk (miming me happily walking through the store)
Me: Yep.
Y: Daddy, Habtamu, Yordanos words in Amharic raccoon (and she mimed her arm being gnawed on by raccoons.)

Bwa ha ha! I thought she must be kidding, but no.

Me: Yes, honey, I'm going to go shopping, while you all get eaten by raccoons. Have fun!


Sherry said...

Your posts just crack me up! No shortage of drama from those two! Is there a local theater group they could get involved with? Seriously, you guys are doing a great job and alot of their antics are just "normal" kid behavior. It just sounds so funny the way you write about it.

Blessings - Sherry

SpEdTeacher06 said...

So glad you haven't lost your sense of humor. It really helps with parenting hills and valleys!

BTW--where did she get that raccoons gnaw peoples' arms off? Do you have extra vicious raccoons out your way? Wow!

Kudos for the writing and the parenting you are doing.