Magic Waters, Indeed

The first time our kids ever went swimming was in Addis Ababa at the Hilton. They were skeptical of the water at 1st. The Hilton was the perfect first-time swimming experience... the water was so warm... mmm... bath water. At first they were sticking their thumbs in their nostrils and index fingers in their ears to keep the water out. We showed them how to put their face in the water.

Fast forward 5 weeks and several positive pool experiences later... Our church had a private party at Magic Waters. The kids immediately wanted to go on the slides. I was skeptical that they'd actually do it. They did it, and not only once, but several times. They also loved the wave pool.


The McEvil One said...

Your kids are so lucky...I've never been to Magic Waters :(

Bill said...

Mmmmm...swimming. Yay! :D

Nicola ;)