since having children
there is water
on my floors
on my walls
in Habtamu's ear (just ask him!)
on my toilet seat

i hope that's water


Katherine said...

it's probably not water... Unless he's bringing his water bottle in there with him... um...

Becky N said...

Hi Lee and Chris,

Just caught up from my week of being gone. It was so cool seeing the kids last week and getting to chat just a bit with you.

A thought occurred to me while reading. Have you considered some one-on-one time with the kids for just a couple 2 or 3 hours. Chris you and Y could go do something girlie thing. Get your hair done together or lunch or a pedicure. Lee and H could do some guy thing at the same time. Then a week or 2 later trade off. When it is Chris' turn with H, lunch and/or some soccer with him, maybe a shopping trip for fall clothes. Lee and Y could go to one of the Build a Bear things and lunch.

Besides family time, it is important to have some one-on-one time too. You might be surprised what you will learn from one another.

Oh, having grown up with brothers, son and hubby...yeah, it probably isn't water.

The McEvil One said...

Is he bringing the water gun from his birthday into the bathroom???

gonturan said...

Welcome to my world. And the ooze all over my house. I'm still wondering how Justin gets some things where he gets them. Ewee.