2 to 12 in 24 hours

(Lee here)
Today's adventure consisted of taking our children to the dentist. We knew that they had seen doctors (had blood drawn, etc,) but we still don't know if they have ever been to an Ethiopian dentist. So we thought we'd approach the situation cautiously. H has been complaining about a pain in his mouth since the airport, but bailed last time we had an opportunity to make an appointment. Fine. Whatever. So for the past 3 days we've been reminding him that the appointment is coming. He mimes back the action of yanking a tooth out, so we thought we were on the same page. Turns out though, I think he really expected his tooth to be pulled and therefore wouldn't go anywhere near the chair when it came right down to it. Y, however, has a loose tooth and I think was bracing herself to have it popped out. We didn't force either issue. We'll make the first dentist visit pleasurable. Our dentist, being totally cool, at least got both kids to open their mouths (H, standing in the hallway, back arched into my chest) and said that things looked fine but of course she'd like to get x-rays at some point. Her diagnosis for H was that he has some inflammation that is probably just has a gum infection. I was impressed she could even see that considering the circumstances. She also noted that his molars are all in which means he has the mouth of at least a 12 year old.


You don't say.

We left promptly and I think the kids were kind of stupefied by the lack of experience, especially since the previous visit to the doctor was an all day event. Oh, but wait until next time...

Sanity subsiding: We've watched Sound of Music four times now since I last posted and the kids now occasionally blurt, "Gubbittahma ti hurblseetma MARIA!" (to the tune of "How do you solve a problem like Maria.") And um, I have to confess, Julie Andrews gets hotter after each viewing. That's a normal reaction to a SoM overload, right? Tell me I'm not alone on this one. Anyone else been here? Anyone? Um, never mind. I was just kidding...


Jori said...

You guys are so great! I love reading your blog ~ and the dailiness of having kids! Great stuff!!! I just keep thinking there are so many things that are going to be first that we are so use to we don't even notice anymore. What a ride!
Blessings, Jori

christophertadhankins said...

Chicago AND the dentist in one week.. I would freak out too! Even for someone who has lived in the city and worked there frequently, just being down there tends to elevate my blood pressure, so i can sympathize with H & Y not digging it.
So glad to read about your daily adventures here on the web - keep up the good work! At some point they'll just be kids giving you fits because they're kids. A deep, relaxing breath and some quiet time always helps take the edge off the insanity.
That and coffee.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Julie Andrews in Mary Poppins!

The McEvil One said...

New Julie Andrews tune:

"The Hills Are Alive With My Love for Leevis!!!"