Sorry about the no blog yesterday, folks. Life got in our face and sucker punched us. Habtamu was a mess all day. We never saw our son - not once the whole day... he was replaced by a stranger who whined and cried and screamed (and I mean screamed - like he was in the torment of Hell, which I don't doubt he was), and clung to Lee like a life preserver for the whole day. Lee slept with him last night in H's double bed to comfort several times when H woke up crying "Daddy, Daddy." H woke up crying again today, but seems to be back to himself. We're not going anywhere today. Uncle Paul and Aunt Carrie will come for lunch, but that's it.

I slept with Yordanos in her single bed. She's small. :) And she sleeps on the veeerrrrry edge of the bed anyway. They both do... not sure if that's just a kid thing or what. Y woke up happy as usual, but she was really upset at the end of the day yesterday (we all were) because we couldn't bring H back from whatever personal hell he was in.

Tomorrow we go to the international adoption doctor at the U of Chicago. Tuesday H goes to the dentist.


Roscoe and Julia Richardson said...

Hi Gardners,

I'm a YG member from Ohio - I have loved reading your posts. My brother and sister-in-law live in Africa as missionaries and have said the spritual oppression is great often. Maybe in addition to the psychological counseling, you might look into a christian counselor who could be able to discern if there is any spiritual attack/opression present. I know sometimes talk of this sounds crazy, like it doesn't really happen these days, but I know my family who has lived in Africa says spiritual attack is very present there. Just a thought, and I know I may be overstepping boundaries here. My prayers are with you! I am praying for your family and for H&Y.

Yarnsmith said...

Yes, we have thought of a spiritual battle being waged... it certainly looks like it when he's in the midst of it. We prayed loudly and fervently over him last night and it did seem to help. We will continue to do so... I find myself in deeper prayer because the need is so great.

Thank you for your prayers! I know that God hears them and answers.