Under the Influence

(Lee Again)
As far as our children are concerned, the Gardner DVD collection consists of 3 movies.

1) Schoolhouse Rock Anthology
2) Little Women
3) A Spongebob DVD

They have not questioned the situation and we haven't told them otherwise. That being said, someone has learned the word "C-R-A-Z-Y." (We spell things when we don't want the kids to pick up on it... oh, did you think that only worked on toddlers?) Now admittedly, one of us may have said someone was acting that way, but we certainly wouldn't have added the finger motion that generally goes with it.

So the library has shifted:

1) Schoolhouse Rock Anthology
2) Little Women
3) The Sound of Music

Pride and Prejudice is probably next in the rotation, but we're open to suggestions.

On a different note, Chris and I have noticed this weird "object permanence" (for lack of a better phrase) phenomenon with our kids. If something is gone, they generally don't miss it or ask for it again. I don't know if it's something they were conditioned for at the orphanage, or if it's just a kid thing, but it's kind of hard not to abuse. Now if they see it, that's a different story, but today there wasn't even a second thought about SpongeBob not being in the DVD bin even though we've watched that sucker 15 times this week.

Maybe they were as tired of it as we were...

PS) We had Kraft mac and cheese for dinner. It's not really Biblical, but I'm convinced that Heaven is also covered in a powdered cheese mix. The kids found it palatable only after adding Prego.

PPS) Thanks again for all your comments, support, and encouragements. You are really the "POLO" to our "Marco" that helps keep us going.


Katherine said...

you could try the Veggie Tales movies. Kids really like them (and they're fun for adults too).

Becky said...

Don't know what it is like now, but; after watching Nickelodeon with C.J.....umpteen years ago. I put it on the forbidden list.

Talk with Angie, she may have several ideas.

~ Becky N

Anonymous said...

Definite ditto on the Veggie Tale movies! No worries about inappropriate stuff. Well, unless you think talking veggies are inappropriate. I still love Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber(Beaker is another favorite!). We did Veggie Tales Vacation Bible School at Wesley, and the kids loved it. Lee, you may even find some new favorite songs. Although I can't guarantee that you won't hear the word C-R-A-Z-Y, there won't be any matching finger motion, especially because Veggies don't have arms!!
By the way Lee, I am now waiting for a video of you and your kids doing "I just wanna be a sheep, ba ba ba ba . . . ."
Blessings and Prayers!
Sue Laude

Susan said...

Your kids are going to have British accents! LOL!! ;-) I agree with the Veggietales recommendations. Although, at some point, you will have to make sure that they grasp the *real* accounts (i.e. Moses was not a cucumber.) It is hard to find a Disney movie where parents aren't killed...

Sounds like you guys are doing great!

~Susan (AWAA Family)

Katherine said...

Ok, the only 'real' problem with Veggie Tales, just so you know, is that it's hard to hear the real, Biblical story now, without imagining it as being done by vegetables (and the corresponding songs).

Uncle Jim said...

I think Pink panther is the way to go. Lot's of guns and falling of cliffs!

Tom and Jerry too... nothing like a frying pan in the face to calm children down!

christophertadhankins said...

For what it's worth, TLC has some interesting kid stuff in the morning... my personal fav is Bindy the Jungle Girl... Steve Irwin's daughter now has her own show where she drops all sorts of knowledge about animals and their habitats, along with plenty of "Crikey!" outbursts. I never object to the girls learning more about the outdoors... not a big Sponge Bob fan myself, thankfully the girls are not really exposed... ;-)

Anonymous said...

While Disney stories can be rough, the Disney Sing-A-Long tapes are usually good. They have the words printed along the bottom, too!

Nicola said...

We haven't done movies much with Alannah yet, but some fav. shows are:
-Blues Clues (with steve, 25 min)
-Wonder Pets (12 min. episodes)
-Charlie & Lola (11 min. ep.)

All of the above are highly tolerable to the adult ear as well. ;) But if you guys can handle Sponge Bob, GoDiegoGo or Dora might work for ya too. Although we notice Alannah get a little C-R-A-Z-Y if she watches more than one Dora/Diego(but she is only three). Anywho, some should be appearing in your mailbox in a few days.

Side note: I don't post nearly as often as I'd like, but you are all in our prayers many times a day.

Much love,