The reason I'm able to post so much today is because the kids are totally distracted by the computers upstairs. And I'll just say that today is a wash, and I apologize for ever criticizing anyone about "letting technology baby-sit your kids". I totally get it now. They were up at 4:50. That's a.m. folks. We're hoping for a bit later tomorrow.

Here's Habtamu... how we like to see him. He really is a great kid and is generous and caring for Yordi. He's also pretty good with the fancy soccer footwork. I think we're going to be ok. I just noticed that he's been wearing the same pair of socks since last week. Ew.

In this video, Yordi is saying "Fashion Show, Show, Show..." We don't know where she got that. This video pretty much sums up her happy go lucky attitude. Also, she loves the Hello Kitty stuff, which I also happen to like. :) Her outfit for 3 days in Addis was a white HK pajama top and jeans. She finally got a big smudge of doro-wat on the shirt and I was able to make her choose something else.


Jori said...

So cute! I love the pictures! I am so happy you are ALL home and working through, well, life!! What a ride!
Blessings, Jori
DTE 02/19 either x2

Nicola said...

Alannah loves this video and has watched about half a million times (give or take). ;) Super cute.


The McEvil One said...

The fashion show video is pretty funny!!!

Casey Draper said...

I cant wait to meet them in person. So Habtamu is good at soccer. Well I might have to play agenst him. Best of luck.

Casey Draper