Several Firsts

Before we came here, Lee and I wondered if the kids had ever seen juice boxes... nope, they hadn't. I packed one each in their backpacks for "gotcha day", the day we picked them up. They were very excited about them and drank a bunch. We kinda lost track of them in the excitement, and found them later, half full, in their backpacks. Um. Lee said "We're not very good parents." A couple of books didn't take to the apple juice treatment very well.

H&Y were so excited to be going to the Hilton. We wandered around with Grandma and found a playground. Apparently they had never been on swings. This was the greatest thing since sliced bread for them. We pushed them for over 1/2 hour. Yordi looked scared at first, but then got into it. We tried to teach them how to pump for themselves, but that didn't work this time.

On our walk yesterday, they both seemed interested in the pool. I'd brought their suits, so Lee took them down this a.m. Apparently, neither wanted to get in, but finally Yordi did and Habti followed. Then, of course, we couldn't get them OUT of the pool.

I have a video clip of Yordi pulling each item out of her backpack, examining it, saying what it was (sometimes in English... she'd usually copy me if I said "t-shirt" or "pajamas") When everything was out, she hurled herself at me and said "Thank you, Mommy!" Then I told her to put it back in the suitcase, and she folded each item and put it back.

Blue jeans are the biggest hit with both. I only have one pair for each, so they'll look a little rough by the end of the week.

The kids slept great last night. Lee put them to bed himself, as I was filling out paperwork for today's embassy appointment. Lee and I didn't sleep well. Yordi was mumbling in her sleep and I couldn't tell if she wanted me or what. Lee or I would whisper to each other every hour... You sleeping yet? Nope.


SpEdTeacher06 said...

Aaahhh...the art of sleeping with one foot on the floor. It will come with experience.

Dietrich & Amy Lusse said...

Thanks so much for posting...it is so sweet to read about how you guys are doing. We are praying for you and hope the rest of your time is great and the travels home go smoothly. :)
Amy & Dietrich (awaa :D)

Katherine said...

don't tell yourselves you're not good parents! Everyone makes mistakes... it's a constant learning experience, parenting. You make some mistakes, pray their not earth-shattering, and move on. You'll be wonderful parents! You already are! We love you!

Anonymous said...

There are tears of joy in my eyes as I read your adventures. And smiles of delight as you share your new experience as parents. Your first sleepless night, the sudden jolt of turning around and wondering where you children are, the utter delight watching them experience new adventures. Your hearts are forever changed now, there will be questions, tears, but above all endless joy. We continue to hold you in our prayers and look forward to meeting Y and H.

~Blessings, Becky & Curt

Anonymous said...

It is marvelous to see you with your children. What a joy it must be to hear "Mommy" and Daddy"! We've all had many, many moments of thinking we're bad parents, and we all continue to have those moments! Don't worry about it. Yordi & Habti are very blessed children, they are now part of an amazing, loving family that is far bigger than they can imagine. And your family is now blessed by H&Y. Enjoy! Hope all continues to go well. Hi to Grandma & Grandpa(aka Dan & Nancy).

Sending MUCH love & MANY prayers~
Sue & Rene Laude (Wesley UMC)

Jori said...

The joys of "first"!!! SO many "normal" things for us and now wait ... I have to teach them what?? :) Joys and Blessings they are!
Blessings, Jori