Ethiopian Standoff

Lee mentioned last night how we were trying a new bedtime ritual. We had been laying in their beds until they fell asleep. I think it was the right thing to do for a little bit... everything was new and they needed the assurance that we were there and would respond. The problem was that then they NEEDED us to fall asleep, and they NEEDED us when they woke up to pee and they NEEDED us to get back to sleep. And Lee and I were exhausted. It's still important that they know we are here for them, and if they were babies, I'd have no problem responding to those genuine needs. However, we've been feeling like we're the ones who were being trained at bedtime.

So, last night we followed the usual bedtime ritual... pajamas, brush teeth, guitar time and coloring, 3 books, to bed. We tucked them in, kissed them goodnight and headed downstairs. Oh, the wailing. Just from Yordanos. And, you know, it sounded very dramatic. We waited for her to come down and I escorted her back up, no words, no eye contact, no payoff. The next time, they both came down... back up, no words, etc...

For the next few times they both would come down and sit huddled together on the base of the stairs. They were SOOOOO tired, but would not yield. Lee took them back up, and finally at 10:30 (we should have done it earlier, probably), Lee stood up there in the hall until they fell asleep... about 3 minutes.

Also, they had both turned ON all their lights, and turned OFF their fans. It's hot up there, and they keep complaining about how hot it is, and yet, will not leave their fans on or their windows open, and they insist on sleeping under their comforters.

H just came down. Sounds like Y is awake now too, and they're playing. Excellent.


Anonymous said...

Schedules are good to a point, sometimes you do what you have to do to get sleep yourself.

Without sleep, you will just be cranky, and cranky leads to yelling at Lee for wanting to Kareokee on Friday nights.

Keep up the trail and error routine until you find one that works, however, duct taping children to the wall is not ilegal in Illinois!

Uncle Jim said...

by the way, that last one was posted by Uncle Jim, Ic hecked anonymous by mistake! DOH!!!!

The McEvil One said...

So with the closed windows, no fans running, & sleeping under the covers...are they both dripping in sweat when they wake up???

Uncle Matt said...

Al tho Duct tape is not illegal in Illinois I would not advise it. They can sometimes get out. I would more opt for the guard cat. Post one of the kitties out side their door and have it keep watch. I'm sure it will only take a few times of coming out of the bedroom and coming face to face with those things to keep them in line.

Uncle Jim said...

Guard cat!?!?

Maybe that's the way they do things in Korea, but here in america, we use duct tape, 2x4's and FISHTANKS!

There you go Lee, every tantrum gets 5 more gallons added, but if you reach a 75 gallon and it is still not enough, I would then take a trip to the shedd aquarium, I think they could help!

Jori said...

Still following along with you guys and I enjoy it every time I pop in! H & Y ~ What a blessing!!
DTE 02/19 either x2