Wanted to document this for posterity...

The first time Yordi said "Oh my God!" I looked at Lee and said "Did you hear that?" He said, "Well, she didn't get it from us!"

The problem is that it's so totally cute (she says it like "Oh my gawt!") ... um, ahem... and so inappropriate. So we started saying "Oh my Goodness." every time she said it. We didn't tell her not to say it.

Today she said "Oh my goodness."

Then Habtamu said "Oh my God."


Dee said...

"Oh my goodness!" YOu have me rolling!!! That is hilarious!! :D
You guys sound like you are doing such a great job! Keep it up! God blesses it all and keep praying that good will come of it all and that they will remember the good things, not the bad...it works!!! :)
Thanks for posting! I love to read how you guys are doing and how you keep it so real!
Take care,
Amy Lusse (awaa :D)

Karin said...


Our first Sunday with the youngest (he was 6), we woke up to hear him singing in his room "Goddd dammmiiiiitttt...Goddddd dammmiiiittttt"...in this sweet little sing song voice. We looked at each other and had to dive under the covers to stifle the laughing. And hope that didn't come up again in Sunday School...