Home again.

We're home. We're safe. We're exhausted. More later.


christophertadhankins said...

We thought so long and hard about all of you today in church... one of these days Pastor Jim will get the kids names right too.
How cool that must feel to have them in your own home...
can't wait to hear more... when you're rested! And PLEASE.... if you need ANYTHING (a cheeseburger, a coffee, some random item from the store) i am all over it. I go right through Belvidere each night on my way home now (thanks construction!) so fire away if need be!

Ann said...

Happy Father's Day Lee!!

Katherine said...

glad you're home safe! Ditto with the 'if you need anything'! I'll be doing grocery shopping this morning if you need anything picked up.

Becky N said...

Chris and Lee,

So glad you are home. Hope you get rested and settled in quickly. We're here too if you need anything brought over. Give us a shout.

Becky & Curt

Jori said...

Welcome home ... just a little differant! Thank you so much for sharing with us about your stay but also your honesty about parenting. Nothing humbles us like kids ... well, maybe adopted kids!! :):) Get rested and then please ... PICTURES!!!
Blessings, Jori
AWAA 02/19 either x2

Carpenters said...

Welcome home!

With Love,