Getting Away

Like Lee said, we've each been able to go off by ourselves a bit, and that's been wonderful. I've seen people I know while out and about, and honestly, I have ducked and covered. I know that people want to know how things are going... but with my 55 minutes of freedom, the LAST thing I want to do is talk about the kids. I will become more social later... promise!

You know, I waited sooooo long to be called "Mommy", and I ended up fleeing that very word today. Mommymommymommymommy come mommy mommy mommy come. Never mind that I AM RIGHT HERE, STANDING NEXT TO YOU, CHILD. Or, I am making LUNCH... you want LUNCH, don't you?

Mommy? Yes?
Mommy? Yes?
Mommy? Yes?
Mommy? Yes?
Mommy? YES?!
Mommy? WHAT?! (This is the word they repeat... when mommy loses it... not the 577 times before when I answered kindly. Argh.)

Anyway, wanted to tell you about the charming (it is, if we weren't in a hurry to get the heck out of dodge at the time) new ritual when one of us leaves. The children are actually excited that "something" is happening. There are no longer wailing and tears and gnashing of teeth when someone leaves. Now it is an "event."

The children escort leaving parent to car.
H hands seatbelt to driver, and closes car door.
Window must then be rolled down for departing kisses.
They follow the car out of the driveway, waving madly.
They want to know which direction the car will turn at the end of the street.
They watch car leave until it makes said turn.
They seem very satisfied that car turned direction stated, and go back in the house.

On a different note... their obsession with the puppet show in Sound of Music has reached epic proportions. We watched it 4 ... no, 5 times in a row today. The puppets are still creepy to me. I love when one of them busts out with Do, Re, Mi in the car. Next up... Fiddler on the Roof...


Anna said...

SofM is a great movie! How about Mary Poppins? I bet they would love the "magic"? Keep journaling.. sean and I read often and can image bc you two are so visual in your writing! A+

Amy C said...

Thank you both for your blog, I love checking in with you guys. I hope it's okay, as we don't know eachother. But I keep you in my prayers. We have two bio children and adopted our third from Russia. We asked for a 3 year old, but she was 9 months old when she came home. We accepted the referral because I had prayed for a year asking the Lord to make sure we get "our" child, so I had to trust. It's been two years now and my trust has paid off. Now we're adopting again (I think because the Lord wants us to, not because 3 children isn't a handful!). My husband wants to adopt through CPS, I want to go to Ethiopia. That's where it stands now. Anywho, just wanted to introduce myself so I would stop being a blog stocker. For what it's worth, I think you guys are doing a fantastic job!

Karen said...

We love your blog. You guys are so honest and forthright about all the "not so pretty" parts of being a parent. You guys are doing great! We are cheering for you and looking forward to bringing our 2 boys home from ET soon. Way to go Gardners!!! Karen Wistrom

Amy C said...

Thanks, Chris! And grrr, I knew I spelled "stocker" wrong!!