Pink in, black out.

Parenting is stupid because if you knew what was going to work, you would have done it the first time. Day 3 without a tantrum so it seems like we're out of the woods. H even burned himself pretty good on the pizza pan and didn't explode so we're taking that as a good sign. I wish we would have dealt with the fits 'correctly' before the airplane ride home, but I guess that's way behind us now.

Oh, and all you other parents out there lose points because nobody warned me that when you hold a crying child, whatever was in their mouth becomes part of your shirt. That should be on page 1 of the child-rearing manual, folks! Don't be holding back on a brother!

I woke up this morning with what can only be described as an Unholy Exhaustion. I just couldn't move, so Chris hung out with the kids for most of the morning by herself. This is good because I'll have to go back to work again here pretty soon and it's reassuring to me to see that the kids might not eat her alive. When I did finally drag myself out of bed, I went straight to Walgreens and picked up some B vitamins (I had been diagnosed in the spring with a deficiency and the primary symptom is 'lethargy.') Came home and took a vitamin, ate a banana, had a shot of green tea and immediately started feeling more like myself. Chris was even able to leave the house solo again later, and I don't know where she went, but she smelled like pound cake when she got home, so it turned out to be a good day for everyone.

Oh, the title is what H learned today about how Pepto-Bismol works.


Yarnsmith said...

Mmmmmmm... pound cake. Maybe that's why I didn't need dinner. The latte may have had something to do with it too.

Bethany said...

I seriously want to meet your family! I come to your blog for a cosmic does of laughter everyday! Thanks for continually putting the humor of the daily grind into perspective. Joshua and I can't wait to bring our kiddos home! Wish we lived closer. =)