Proud Mama

I am so proud of Habtamu today. No meltdowns. There were times that could have (would have - last week) easily led to them, but he rallied each time. I think the chair really did the trick.

I know the chair worked for Yordi. Yesterday I was the chair for her for bedtime. The children know the routine... it is the SAME, every single night. Why they act like we're not going to make them get pajamas on and brush their teeth, read 3 books, and go to bed, is beyond me. Anyway, I was the chair for her again tonight for about 10 seconds, and she calmly said "Mommy, pajamas." OK, then.

She likes me to lay with her as she falls asleep. I did again tonight, but when I got up she woke a bit. I told her "Mommy, toilet." She nodded. I did go to the bathroom, I just didn't come back. I stood in the hall for about 5 minutes and she didn't move the whole time.

I'd just like to thank my parents and Lee's parents who did whatever was necessary to get the kids in bed so they could eat popsicles and frozen chocolate cookies. Ok, that last part is just me. :)

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christophertadhankins said...

Isn't it awesome when parenting tricks work? It's like, "who figured this out first? Kudos to them!"
See the latest installment on my blog for a related story...
A "how-not-to" story for sure.