(Lee's two cents)

So it's been two weeks since we got on the plane and I'm just now starting to feel like writing. I'm so glad that Chris has had the fortitude to blog daily.

Just so all you parents know that African kids are just like the "Made in the USA" ones, we were eating dinner on the porch the other day when after trying about 8 different psychological approaches to get H to eat a rice dish, I finally took a bite myself and said, "Try it." Y looked up and responded, "Toilet?" (A word they both know very well) "No" I replied, "TRY IT." "No toilet?" She smiled, and took at deep breath, "toilettoilettoilettoilettoilet..." Gah, you'd think she was 6 or something. It wouldn't be funny if it wasn't so funny.

Also, I'd like to note that while on the all-banana, wholegrain, no-sugar, no-fat, rice, water-only, oranges, Cheerios, and picked over airline-food diet... I have lost 8-10 pounds. I supplement this with a steady regime of lugging an 82 pound boy around the house for muscle tone. Add kicking and/or a staircase to really knock those calories off.
Oh yeah, I'm feelin' the burn!


Katherine said...

Noe usually has to use the potty 1/2 way through dinner... even if I had her go beforehand! I sometimes toss the kids around for exercise too. Ok, well not Kai. He's way too heavy now!

Dana C said...

Hi friends! I have been thinking about you all daily! And praying for you. I have some great pictures of the kiddos from the trip.

You should get on my blog and show Y pictures of "Betty." She may like that!

Call me if you need anything at all!
dana cordell


Whitney said...

Just wanted to say congrats on the adoption- your children are beautiful. I've been lurking and following your blog for a while now- and I'm so happy things have all worked out. Looking forward to more great stories. :)

Whit (aka The Cheat)

The McEvil One said...

I'm pretty disappointed....ONLY 10 pounds??? ;-)

Carpenters said...

It's good to hear from Lee. I thought carrying a diaper bag and one baby on each hip totaling about 49 pounds was impressive, but carrying a 82 pound boy up the stairs is even more so. We'll continue to pray that all goes well.

With Love,