Bonus Pics

I know it seems like I am just posting and lurking today... but really, I'm doing laundry, moving stuff into our new closet out of the children's closets, eating popsicles... oops, note to self: 1 popsicle ok, 6 popsicles defeat purpose of low-cal treat!

Here are pics from a couple of months ago.

(Not Habtamu's birthday, but one of the other children at the TC.)

Like many of these children, their exact birth date is not known. Our children were given the same birthday, July 17. (Different years, of course!) I am SO glad we can celebrate their 10th (Habtamu) and 7th (Yordanos) birthdays together at home!


Katie Redfern (AWAA) said...

Your children are so beautiful!! Praise the Lord that you get to pick them up soon & even get to celebrate their birthdays after you get back! :)

Marion said...

I am really excited for you guys! Will be praying that everything goes smoothly, and that Chris doesn't get sick in the air (or anyone else for that matter)!

Apryl said...

Gardners--I just found out about you from Jill Coen. I was sending the VanWetten's a cd of video of their daughter and wanted to know about the two older kids who were also at the TH. Your son is such a goofy, sweet kid. I have a funny video of him--wish I would have found you earlier so I could have sent it! Soon enough you'll see them both--congratulations!

Jori said...

I will be stalking and praying!! Be safe and can't wait for the first picture of you with them!!
Blessings, Jori