Larger than Life

Lee and I have talked about this before, but this whole adoption experience has opened amazing doors for us and others. If we had had a baby (not possible for us, but that's another story), we would have had showers and people would have been happy for us. But this adoption has opened the flood gates WIDE OPEN for a bunch of people. I have never heard my father weep... he was so happy for us. Help has come from unexpected quarters. Through friends of friends we found an Ethiopian close to us. I called him and asked him to come over for a little bit this weekend so the children could get to know him. His whole family came and were AWESOME. We never would have met them and/or had the Ethiopian connection. What we would have missed! Church has been amazing, as have family and friends. I can see God's hand in everything happening now for us as a new family.

We had a good day today. Aunt Carrie and Uncle Paul came for lunch. They even got a little show from H, and were able to finally meet the children. They leave for a mission trip on Tuesday in Mexico (4 hour flight - lucky!) Lee's folks left for a mission trip to ? this morning. Grandma, I'm sorry we didn't get to talk to you. Things were crazy around here, what with all the visiting and yard work:

While Daddy mowed the lawn, Habtamu vacuumed the house. The novelty of the vacuum cannot be underestimated. He was enthralled... "Mommy, mommy?" he'd point at another rug. Knock yourself out, kid.

The kids then helped Daddy clean up the trimmings from the bush out back. Shoot, I would've started them on chores earlier had I known. Actually, now that I think about it, Yordi has swept the kitchen for me, and she's a great kitchen helper... likes to stir things.

This uplifting message brought to you by the 2 greatest kids on the planet.


Anonymous said...

Hey Chris,
I forgot my user name/password, so I will post as annonymous! I am so glad to hear you had a good day, you deserve it after yesterday. Hope all goes well tomorrow with the doctor... if you need anything, let me know.


The McEvil One said...

So are Y & H auditioning to be backup singers for 5 Taco Special???

That group needs ALL the help they can get...

Becky said...

Loved the two videos. Nice back-up there Lee, they'll be ready for The Brick anyday now.

Remember doing some chores helps burn up that stored energy, might help get through some of those melt downs if you can approach it so that it doesn't seem like punishment but rather an energy release.

Chris/Lee is it possible the fireworks going off this time of year might be upsetting H? Good luck today, let us know what they say.

~Becky N

Frazer's said...

Terry wants to know if you've taught them the sheep song :)