Yep, that's my boy!

I just wanted to give a little shout out to Apryl, who went to Ethiopia a month ago and has already met our kids. When you're an obsessive, adopting parent and you get any kind of report from the Transition Center, it's really hard to take it at face value. How much is getting sugar-coated? What exactly does, "well behaved" mean? Are they they really good kids, or are they just putting on a show? Would they tell me if my kids were atrocious? You get the idea.

The blurbs on Yordanos have really painted a picture of her character, but Habtamu's have generally had a little more room between the lines. "He's all boy" is a phrase that sticks in my head. Now, there are probably a bunch of guys out there that would hear that and breathe a big sigh of relief, as I'm sure that's what the reporter intended. But I was never really an "all boy" kind of boy. I'm hardly a manly man now, so for me, "all boy" just brings up more questions. Is he a good sport? Is he actually athletic, or does he just like to run around in circles until he runs into something? Are we talking quarterback? Paratrooper? Lumberjack?

Anyway, Apryl described Habtamu this way:

Sweet and Goofy.

Those are pretty much the words that bond all us Gardners together and it's incredibly reassuring to me to know that we will both be starting our relationship on familiar territory.



Ali BG said...

Lee--that sounds so wonderful! Who wouldn't want to bring home a sweet, goofy all boy boy? :) Congrats on your journey tomorrow!!!

Apryl said...

Not having much time on my hands lately, just checking on everyone's blogs as you all leave--I should have EMAILED stories about your son before you left! Seth and I were both touched by his sadness upon our departure with our children. We were so concerned about him, which is why I asked Jill. He will be SO happy to meet you and have his special 'leaving day' too! We are very excited for you all.