Stolen Moments

Some people have wondered about how the cats and kids are getting along. In general, cats and kids ignore each other. The kids get startled by the cats because they are so, well, cat-like and stealthy. They've developed an irrational fear of Rico. "Yaaaaah, black cat, mommy, black cat!" Then Rico freaks out and runs under the bed.

I think our cats are a little depressed. They were used to all our attention and our laps all the time. Murray just looks sadly at us as we walk by. :( Today I went into the bathroom with Murray just so I could pet him. (The kids are really good about not barging in when you're in the bathroom.) Anyway, Murray just purred and purred and rubbed. My poor little kitten.

Bedtime is the cats' favorite time. They're all over us.

We saw Sibbie being carried by Habtamu. I said to Lee "I'm surprised she's submitting to that." Then Lee and I said at the same time "She must be desperate."

I escaped, I mean went to the store this afternoon. I was starting to lose my sanity around the edges. I had a Almond Joy in the car. Alone. Not to be sacrilegious, but I think I saw the face of God while I ate it.


Anonymous said...

Nothing like sugar by yourself...stealthily in the car...looking around to make sure no one sees you! LOL You go girl, do what you have to do to maintain your sanity. Sounds like an ok day today, no tantrums? You could be onto something, huh? Next time you sneak to the store, stop by for 15 minutes and relax, eat your candy bar in front of people and SMILE!


The McEvil One said...

I picture you hunkered down in the driver's seat with your eyes barely over the steering wheel constantly shifting left to right & the "Oh, I hope no one I know see me eating this candy bar..." thought rolling in your head.

Jori said...

So FUNNY!! I can relate to "stolen" moments with ya! As mom, it's usually only the grocery store but hey, we are without kids! :):)
Blessings, Jori

Ali BG said...

Almond Joy ALWAYS makes me see the face of God. :)

And our cat went through the exact same thing (and is still going through it...!)