Ethiopian Standoff Part 2

Last night was night 2 of the going to bed without Mommy and Daddy laying down with children.

Tactically, we erred by getting them in bed by 8. It was too early. They came down a couple of times, and were escorted back up. I didn't hear anything after 9:45.... until 10:15. I think Habtamu was still awake and went in and woke Yordanos up and dragged her to the top of the stairs to yell for Mommy. I KNOW she was asleep. Gah. Up again to turn off all the lights they'd turned on... Y went willingly to bed... heard H get up and get her again. We're going to have to put a stop to THAT.

No tantrums from H since Monday. 3 times in the chair on Monday for H. We keep saying to each other, "It can't be that easy." We keep waiting for the other shoe to drop and it doesn't. He shrieked like a little girl when he burned himself on the pizza stone yesterday, but it didn't escalate into a full-fledged tantrum... just a kid that got burned and had to have his hand run under cold water for a bit.


Katherine said...

Sounds like you're both doing well! Sounds like H and Y are doing great too! Parenting is like that: trial and error, and then when you find something that works, it seems ridiculously easy and you wonder why you either didn't think of it already or somebody didn't tell you. Happens to me all the time!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Katherine ~ parenting, at best, is trial and error. And yes, at some point the other shoe will drop, however, it will probably be a totally different shoe, one that has nothing to do with tantrums! When those 'shoes' drop, you will try and try again, until you figure something out and think 'Jeez, that was ridiculously easy! I must be an idiot for not thinking of it.' Trust me, you are NOT idiots, you are parents!! {Although sometimes it's hard to tell the difference!} And I speak from 17 years of experience as an idiot. Keep up the blogs, I love to read them.
Sue Laude