We've been limiting the kids' white sugar intake to, um, none. They didn't get treats that often in Addis Ababa, and we saw definite behavioral issues from both of them when they had it - so, no sugar in the house. We have fruit a lot during the day... they'll eat oranges and bananas.

Anyway, since *I* can handle sugar, I've been sneaking frozen cookies that I put in there before we left. My friend Katherine made them, and seriously, they're saving my life. The kids don't open the refrigerator... not sure why (think they're not allowed?) , but anything cold is suspect to them anyway. Yordi pulls a face everytime she drinks water from the fridge.

I just ate a popsicle. The kids are upstairs for computer time with Daddy.

Here's a list of what the kids will eat with no problem:
Bananas (they ask for bananas all day long... I think they've had 2 1/2 each today)
Hard Boiled Eggs (I tried this one because one of their dishes includes a HB egg. They eat about 3 a day. Each. Hence the 3 dozen eggs I was purchasing yesterday.)
Pizza (They actually asked for this tonight and I complied. They even ate it though it was homemade.)
Popcorn (I tried this one today. In Ethiopia it's customary to serve a snack with the coffee ceremony, and that snack is sometimes popcorn... we had it there when we visited the Kid's Care orphanage where all of our children were before being in the Transition Center.) Anyway, they ate 2 full bags this afternoon
Pancakes (I make whole grain Buckwheat pancakes, no sugar, no syrup and they love them. I left the rest out all day and they picked at it until the stack was gone. And, honestly, since I am now "distracted mom", the pancakes were not my best effort, but they still ate them even though they were a bit dark. I kept forgetting I was doing something.)
Water (They get water for themselves throughout the day and no longer ask for Coca or Fanta. We've been drinking only water too, so that's GOT to be good for us.)
Cheerios (They kept pointing at the box on top of the refrigerator, and I kept saying no because I thought "They don't even know what they are." Finally, after they were begging for yet another banana I pointed at the box, and they were greatly excited.)


Ann said...

P.S.--I can just picture you sneaking a cookie....I sometimes try to sneak a piece of chocolate, only to have one or both girls say, "What does your breath smell like"....oooh busted!

Katherine said...

Yeah, I get caught sometimes too, with chocolate breath! oops! Chris and Lee, you're doing a great job. It might not seem like it to you, but hey, you're sleep deprived. Everything sucks when you aren't getting enough sleep (and it adds up over the days)... You've been home less than a week, so don't stress out too much about stuff. The kids are bound to have some issues, and H prob. more than Y since he's older. I found it really helps if I pray for wisdom (the Bible says you'll get it if you ask).

Also, the quickie wisdom prayer-in-the-moment has totally saved my behind more times than I can count. "ohGodpleasegivemewisdomrightnow!" Seriously. Some amazing stuff has popped out of my mouth right after praying that. Stuff I would never have come up with myself.