4:50 to Crazy

Well, they didn't get up at 4:50 at first.... they got up at 2:00. Actually, H got up to pee... I heard him do that, then I heard all the lights being switched on and him waking Yordi up. I went up and used gestures (polite ones, but at that moment all bets were off) to indicate that they needed to get back in bed. All lights off, went back downstairs... heard them talking... back upstairs... back downstairs.... talking... back upstairs... planted myself between their rooms... back downstairs... Yordi calling for Mommy... got my head in a headlock, Y kept waking herself up to see if I was still there. Went and got my pillow and blanket... "slept" on her floor. H was solidly out, stinker.

Today has not been stellar so far. Lee's still jet-lagged or something... I'm totally grumpy and trying not to take it out on anyone. Y is happy. H woke up crying.

Dropped the eggs with which I was going to make french toast on the floor in front of the fridge. Yordi came by and said "Oh my God." Which, at that point was pretty much how I felt. I mustered an "Oh my goodness", but there was much internal gnashing of teeth.

Pray for us in our hour of need.

Yesterday was really good. No meltdowns. Today it might be the adults who have the meltdowns, and the kids who got 9 hours of sleep will be like "What? Why are they so upset?"


Anonymous said...

You don't know who am, but I will be praying for you as yall go through this transition home and getting to know your two new beautiful children.

Katherine said...

You'll be fine. I wanted to tell you, don't be surprised if you have some bad days/feelings of anger/disappointment/bitterness. It's all normal, and most parents go through some of that. I think it has a lot to do with being very tired. Don't worry, you're normal. You'll get past it. You can talk to any of your friends who are parents and I'm sure they'll sympathize and help you through it. Just remember why you wanted kids. It helped me get through some of that, to remember my feelings BEFORE I had baby #1/2/3 and 'pretend' I was feeling that at the moment, when I really wasn't. Sounds weird, but it helps, and it'll help you get through the tough feelings.

Anonymous said...

no sleep
kids are driving you nuts
Check and Check.
Yep,your a Mom and Dad.
I was reading in ( I think Lee's blog) that everyone tells you how they are crazy and drive you nuts but "hey its great" and at that time he didn't fully understand it. It's all true that they are crazy and drive you nuts but its that one smile and hug and the "I love you" that is a total and complete love that makes it everything else irrelevant. When I get home from work and my kids are jumping off the stairs to hug and kiss me just because I'm home. Well, thats what having kids is all about.

Bethany Taylor said...

Praying for you guys today! We just had our 1st home visit. We're looking at a sibling adoption too. Thank you for being so honest with your struggles. May God give you much grace in your time of need.

Karin said...

Oh boy.... there is so much of what you write that just... resonates!

We're praying. Lots!

Jori said...

First I must apologize for I am laughing right now! I so love your honesty and sharing! I know you are without sleep and tired and on and on but it is just so real. What a family! I wish we lived near you all.
Blessings, Jori
DTE 02/19 either x2