A Little Better

Yesterday got better when we got back to the room for downtime... and bedtime was 8:30... they're still sleeping... 11 hours later... no they weren't exhausted or anything. :)

I got up a few times for Yordi calling out... she's really a night talker. She called Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! and I went and rubbed her back and face, but I don't think she was really awake. Then she called out Fortu! Fortu! Fortu!. That's the director at the Transition Center. H&Y were favorites there. It is so hard for the nannies when children and babies leave. Some nannies really connect with the babies they're in charge of... there were lots of tears. And Yordi knows everyone there. All the nannies, all the babies, she can name them all!

Ok, kids are waking up. I gotta go.

Last Post Until the U.S.

We are flying out tomorrow night at 10:30 - that's 2:30 p.m. for you all. Please, please, please pray that everything is on time, and that we all can survive without pitching a fit (me) or having a melt-down (also me). Also, please pray that our flight is not full so that some or all of us can lie down for some amount of time... because, Lord Have Mercy, it's gonna be a rough ride with 2 new children who are leaving everything they've ever known to go with people they've known for 5 days. I'm just sayin'. We'll arrive at O'Hare at around 1:30 pm on Sunday. Ugh.

H&Y are doing much better today. We opted out of the group activities today, and spent time at the pool this morning. We've ordered room service (again) because we're lame like that. Later we'll probably hit the playground. A nice easy day. Grandma and Grandpa are hitting a couple of museums this a.m. I'd like to see them, but not with the state of things now.

The children are learning English very quickly. It's scary. Our Amharic is not coming along so well. We try it out on them and they look at us like we're from Mars.

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom is a huge hit, as is anything I-Spy.


christophertadhankins said...

We'll definitely hold you in our prayers for your travels this weekend. What an exciting, crazy time. I'll pray EXTRA hard for all airline employees between there and here. Lord knows they can use some help now and again... travel safe! If you haven't already, might wanna think about chewing gum for the kids to get rid of the air bubbles in their ears when you take off and land in the airplane... ;-)

Anonymous said...

I agree about the chewing gum for take off and landing!! It helps to 'pop' their ears. Special traveling prayers for you all. Can't wait to hear more details from Dan and Nancy about their grandkids. Keep repeating "All shall be well, all shall be well . . . " Because truly, all really will be well!!
Sue Laude

Apryl said...

Hang in there Gardners--our daughter was a mess in ET. Rolling around under the tables, hacking stuff up then spitting it on the FLOOR of the restaurants, she hated Seth and only tolerated me. I was terrified, but just press on. Gets better, really, it does! The flight seems like it will be horrible, but hopefully they will sleep through most of it. Have a safe trip!

Sarah said...

Praying for you lots! Sounds like you all are adjusting as a family. All the joys and troubles, amped up a few notches for the start of your life together. :-) God is SO in the midst of you. Thanks for sharing it all with us; you're an encouragement.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I am just thrilled for you guys! We love the blog and Kyla and Elena love talking about their new cousins Yordi and Haptu. Our positive thoughts are flowing your way!
Love, Julie

shawn and tisha said...

I'm glad things are going better. *Praying for you as you fly home.
PS. It's neat that your little girl knows everyone at the TH...she probably knows our little guy! :)