This and That

For the past two mornings, the children have taken to cleaning. Habtamu has taken control of the vacuum and this morning, he went so far as to take all the couch cushions off and vacuumed under them. What the? Who are these children? Yordanos has swept the stoop and sidewalk both days.

Breakdowns are fewer and further between. Still waiting for one today.

Food has been not varied. Mostly pasta, pizza, pancakes. The 3 P's... Anyway, I introduced grapes and raisins yesterday. H likes the grapes, Y the raisins. I imagine it'll blow their minds someday to know they're both grapes. Aunt Carrie and Uncle Paul left a dinner for us of salsa chicken and cous-cous. I thought, "Oh, yeah, like they'll eat THAT." H kept looking in the pan and saying "Yum." Huh. He ate it... no cous-cous. Y ate raisins and two bites of chicken. So, thanks, Aunt Carrie and Uncle Paul for surprising us with a meal our children will eat that is not pasta!

I told Lee this morning that I didn't feel like being a parent today. He said "Yeah, me either. What can we do that requires the least amount of work today?" I said "Well, I've done my part... they've watched 1/2 of Sound of Music before 10 a.m. Woot."

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