I have to say that all your comments have been so wonderful and kind and understanding. Lee keeps thanking me for blogging, but really, it's my link to you all. We are really feeling the love!

As for what can be done for us... prayer is the most important thing. I will be calling people on the list of helpers from church tonight or tomorrow to set up help. BTW, what an awesome church we have for setting up a list like that.

We are concentrating now on just being together. We'll be asking for more help in the days to come, don't you worry!


Katherine said...

please feel free to include me on a 'help' list too.

Becky N said...


Part of the daily routine now is reading your adventures. For what it is worth, your kids behaviour seems quite typical for their ages. Have to agree, perhaps H just needs to be able to get some stuff out of his system and talking to someone who understands his language may help. Keep us advised what you find out next week. I have to believe that it is God's plan that brought the 4 of you together. Like always, that plan needs to be waited out and come to fruition before any of us understands His infinite wisdom.

You know how to get a hold of us, if we can be of any help.


The McEvil One said...

Add me to your 'help' list....I still owe the Gardners for helping us move into our house 2 1/2 years ago.

& Yes Lee, I have forgiven you for the "snowball" incident